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Smiles 2020 EGM – Friday 23 October 2020

Welcome to page33, the home of ‘more of the same’.

Why ‘Page 33’? This is the page of the Smiles 2018 prospectus, an IPO led by Morgans, that contained the flawed profit forecast on which the float at $1 a share was based.

This website contains the unvarnished truth about Smiles Inclusive. From ASIC’s live investigation, Senator Deborah O’Neill’s persistence, multiple ongoing ASX queries, to false CVs and the ongoing mystery surrounding Queensland Health Authority’s cash.

Here you will find many news articles from a wide range of business reporters and industry analyst reviews from Synstrat, the dental industry’s leading independent expert voice.

Sadly, this website contains just the tip of the Smiles melting iceberg. The issues are real and ongoing. Not even Smiles’ whistleblower policy is safe.

We invite you to take a look inside and decide for yourself whether Mr Usasz, Mr Fuller and co deserve your vote at the forthcoming Smiles Inclusive 2020 EGM.