Dr Joao (John) Camacho
BSc, BScDent(Hons), BDSc,
MDSc (Paed Dent), MRACDS (Paed Dent), FADI

Credentials and Experience
Dr John Camacho lives his craft around two simple principles:
“You get one chance for a first impression…” and; “Every child deserves to experience and receive the best care available!”

Dr Camacho began his journey in dentistry with a background in Genetic Engineering and completed his undergraduate training with Honours in Oral Medicine and Pathology at the University of WA, During his 7 year partnership in a General private practice he was a Visiting clinical tutor at the UWA Dental School Clinics and held several board positions with ADA(WA).

He relocated to Sydney to pursue his Specialist Postgraduate Training in Paediatric Dentistry at the University of Sydney Masters program.

On his return to Perth, Dr Camacho took up positions as Deputy Head of the Craniofacial Department at Princess Margaret Hospital for Children and set up Private Specialist Practices. He was also a visiting lecturer and supervisor at the University of WA until late 2017.

He then decided to focus his remaining energies on his private practices which had grown to multiple clinics and a workforce of 35 staff, making it the largest Private Specialist Paediatric Dental Group in Australia.

His business interests extended to a partnership in a Private Day Hospital with state of the art operating facilities that was ultimately sold into the National Nexus Hospital Group. Dr Camacho was inducted to the International Academy of Dentistry through nomination by his peers in 2017.

Dr Camacho joined Smiles Inclusive in 2018. He terminated his dental supply agreement (FASA) with Smiles in April 2020. He remains a Smiles JVP Partner. He is committed to restoring value through greater emphasis on the patient experience and the needs of Smiles dentists – people.